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We are Africa’s NO 1 apparatus in helping organizations and individuals that are fighting Joblessnes,removing poverty and ending hunger.

UNEDI brings together a breadth and depth of expertise with the latest learning design, technology skills and competencies. We deliver a range of off-the-shelf digital, blended, and classroom courses on a wide range of fields, delivered both on Campuses and through our secure and accessible online platform

Short Training Courses

UNEDI offers a range of Short Trainings for Business and development practitioners.

Refugee - Survive Project

Uganda is one of the largest refugee-hosting nations in the world, with over 1,100,000 refugees

English Langauge Courses

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered to help non–native speakers

Swahili Language

UNEDI has developed extensive expertise in enabling Ugandans and expatriates to improve their Swahili language skills

Opportunities: Call for applications Female Youths Mindful Leadership and Entrepreneurship Boot camp 2022 Class of 2022, Cohort (90 beneficiaries)

The 2022 Uganda Female Youths Mindful Leadership and Entrepreneurship Boot camp is an activity to support 90 carefully selected female youths for super-intensive training, mentorship, and enterprising (helping beneficiaries to start and accelerate their businesses for self-employment and employment of others). The tripartite program is being supported by the International Policy Center for Sustainable Development (IPC4SD)  in partnership with the Africa Council of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship (ACOSBE) and the  Uganda National Entrepreneurship Development Institute (UNEDI) towards the strengthening the capacity of the Female Youth Entrepreneurs Association (FEYEA). The Program targets to benefit 90 Ugandan young women who have recently graduated from Universities and other tertiary institutions with a degree or diploma and are desirous of becoming members of FEYEA. The program through small grants and micro-credit assistance programs will nurture and grow these 90 young women into successful entrepreneurs of national and international recognition. The Bootcamp will host 3 cohorts of 30 female youth members per cohort to develop mindful leadership and entrepreneurship skills to build the competence needed to achieve business ownership for sustainable development goals (SDG1, SDG5, SDG8, SDG 9, SDG10, and SDG13).


  •  Provide training and mentorship towards the transformation of 90 Ugandan young women into high-impact entrepreneurs and mindful leaders of sustainable quality.
  • Provide both technical and financial resources to these young women to become job creators of decent jobs of sustainable quality and scalability.
  • Provide linkages to external markets (intra-Africa and global markets) for the beneficiaries whose enterprises will transition to international trading.
  • Target Audience:The program specifically targets young women who have attained a certain level of education at degree or diploma in any field after 2018. Fresh graduates with serious ambitions and motivation to succeed as entrepreneurs (self-employed) are most encouraged to apply. 
  • Inclusiveness and shared prosperity:The program is designed to be inclusive and of shared prosperity hence admission into the program will consider Uganda’s regional balance landscape from both urban and rural settings.
  • Caution: The program is a super intensive program involving a series of travels from participants’ homes to upcountry and outside Uganda where necessary, therefore applicants must be committed and flexible with a ready-to-go attitude.
  • Interested participants click on the link below👇👇👇  for registration

Your Smart Entrepreneurial Journey starts right here

Starting0ut into Business Venture

Before venturing into business, visit UNEDI to prepare you for an outstanding journey into business. A journey that is profitable, sustainable and Scalable. 

Improving your Business Performance

Gain skills that out smart challenges or competitors to spur your business into high profit margins, unbeatable skills that make your staff teams’ market leaders in business accelerations and development

Executives Business Leadership Programme

We offer you a space to reflect on your leadership, clarify your aspirations and develop the skills needed to succeed.

Special Programs & Events

In the spirit of sharing and new ways of curating knowledge, UNEDI has developed programs and events that focus on different groups from activists.

Consultancies & Partnerships

UNEDI offers partnership services with its pool experts to likeminded organizations offering consultation and support with projects

Your Smart Entrepreneurial Journey starts right here

UNEDI is known for its Client-Centric Learning approach and global reach orientations. Our international Quality and Uniqueness (‘IQ-U’) and  problem solving classrooms bring together students from all over the world who have different cultural backgrounds, knowledge and innovation perspectives. And it’s these very differences that makes your learning at UNEDI a memorable experience.  Our focus is to help you get the best out of yourself and prepare you to take on your current or future career with renewed effort and outstanding to build smart competencies, abilities and skills to match this competitive world. delivered both at our Ground Campuses and through our secure and accessible online platform


UNEDI offers the best chance for you to build your career or expertise with our high impact hand on field training coupled with exciting internships, volunteer and career opportunities.


Hygiene, Sanitation, Environment, and Water Access for Sustainable Health (House-Wash) is one of UNEDI’s core pillars of development assistance program that uses hygiene, sanitation,


Uganda Program for Stimulating Market-led Agribusiness for Rural Transformation (UP-SMART) is UNEDI’s second core pillar of development assistance program to support rural communities in transforming agriculture from substance farming to


Uganda Program for Savings Culture Acquisition and Learning of Entrepreneurship (UPSCALE) is UNEDI’s third pillar program of development assistance to support small, medium and microenterprises including school going students to

UNEDI's Innovative pedagogy approach established a village-based classroom for business development among house holds at the village Level known as VELA

VELA implements an enterprise specific innovative systems clustering to identify business opportunity by the villagers and assess their skills gaps. UNEDI bridges these gaps through business literacy, entrepreneurship education and training based on local economy, customs and languages. This is re-enforced by placement of Village Business Development Advisors who guide the community in enterprise selection and provide other needed business development Services.delivered both at our Ground Campuses and through our secure and accessible online platform

provide innovative and results-driven entrepreneurship education, training and research to villagers at the village level.


To transform each target village into a new generation of farm entrepreneurs who are principle-centered, market conscious and ethically minded decision-makers, with integrity and a global perspective in the world of business.