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UNEDI Innovation Hub is a leading resource center where startups, innovators, investors discover and develop their business ideas, talents are nurtured and developed. It is a nexus where local businesses, international partners, and venture capitalists draw excellence for shared and inclusive growth that fits global relevance. The Hub has a team of experts who are passionate about business growth, technology, science and innovation

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Creativity and innovation is part of our DNA; we help start outs and ambitious emerging entrepreneurs to bring their ambitions and dream to reality. We have crafted reliable and appealing System Thinking Labs (STLs) to help individuals venturing into business starting from idea generation and launching into market palace to business sustainability and scalability. The hub’s STLs working groups are efficient at converting interactions and discussions into constructive business leads.

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Ecosystem Thinking Hub Labs

As entrepreneurial anthropologists, we are experts with a deeper understanding of social science, product design and business strategy, we create solutions by immersing entrepreneurship cultural thought in mind of our clients, innovators and startups, enabling you see though the thine lines business opportunity spotting to successfully launch business idea or project implementation.

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Our Hub’s sector specific System Thinking Labs (STL) teams are highly skilled & dynamic labs enabling local, national and global industry synergies and collaboration that offers mutually reinforcing benefits to in country and global ecosystems, partners’ facilities, factories, and classrooms for joint programmes and projects.

As Innovation Hub, we are effective at idea generation and development processes system thinking approach to create new offerings, both by generating a broad and diverse set of ideas and converting these ideas into profitable business concepts for our learners and innovators

A National Entrepreneurship Ecosystem where innovators and start-startups call home

A Venture building ecosystem rapidly building new businesses to capitalize on emerging markets, technologies and behaviors

We design Programs and Projects that bring bold ideas to life as we immerse Uganda’s young population into a high-impact entrepreneurship culture

We are like a nexus where idealist innovators, inventors meet with funders and investors to bring these ideas to life

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You can make a difference by volunteering with us as a way of giving back to community. Your skills, education or experience is a great resource in enabling vulnerable communities build resilience to over barriers and thrive

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