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Uganda National Entrepreneurship Development Institute (UNEDI) is Africa’s NO 1 apparatus in helping organizations and individuals that are fighting joblessness, removing poverty and ending hunger

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UNEDI brings together a breadth and depth of expertise with the latest learning design, technology skills and competencies.

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We deliver a range of off-the-shelf digital, blended, and classroom courses on a wide range of fields, delivered both at our Ground Campuses and through our secure and accessible online platform

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South Africa Vocational Training & Skilling

TPN Training and Recruitment (Pty) Ltd South Africa, in partnership with UNEDI will conduct training programmes accredited by South Africa’s Education Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA). This is part of the wider Inter-state Africa Youths Skilling for Employment-Generation (ISAYE) program being funded by International Policy Centre for Sustainable Development (IPC4SD) and the Africa Council of small Business and Entrepreneurship (ACOSBE) aimed at achieving SDG 9 of reduced inequalities, SDG 4 of quality education, and SDG 8 of decent jobs and economic growth

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An opportunity for you to gain international expertise and certification for training of trainers

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Training Programs at UNEDI

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UNEDI offers a range of short training courses like: Leadership, entrepreneurship for non-profit organizations, Project Planning and Management, Agribusiness, Community Entry activities, Banking & Finance, and Research among others.

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UNEDI’s Uganda Support to Refugees through Venturesome Integrated Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship (U-SURVIVE) project offers a range of training, skilling, coaching, and mentorship activities for Refugees in Uganda

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English classes are offered to help non–native speakers to communicate in English through the development of skills in listening and observing, speaking, reading, and writing. Comprehension, vocabulary development, and English structure.

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UNEDI has developed extensive expertise in enabling Ugandans and expatriates to improve their Swahili language skills. As a result, our training is gained a very strong reputation in the Country.

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International Quality and Uniqueness (IQ-U)

UNEDI is known for its Client-Centric Learning approach and global reach orientations. Our international Quality and Uniqueness (‘IQ-U’) and problem solving classrooms bring together students from all over the world who have different cultural backgrounds, knowledge and innovation perspectives. And it’s these very differences that makes your learning at UNEDI a memorable experience. Our focus is to help you get the best out of yourself and prepare you to take on your current or future career with renewed effort and outstanding to build smart competencies, abilities and skills to match this competitive world.


UNEDI offers the best chance for you to build your career or expertise with our high impact hand on field training coupled with exciting internships, volunteer and career opportunities.

UNEDI Partners with TPN, South Africa to the Strengthen Vocational Education and Skilling of Youths in Uganda.

TPN and UNEDI partner to enable Ugandan Youths and Women to get access to South Africa's vocational training accredited by SETAs namely: Agriculture (AGRISETA), Services (SSETA), Education Training and Development Practices (ETDP SETA), and Local Government (LGSETA). The training helps to transform from employees mindset to that of an entrepreneur for self-employment.

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UNEDI, EuroAfric Link, Netherlands Launch Export Development Training Program

UNEDI and EuroAfric Link, the Netherlands partnered to implement at a tripartite training program on farming for agribusiness trade and export market development in Uganda. The training seeks to provide rural farmers will the right knowledge and skills in commercial farming for export market trade while helping youths and women to become more innovative and enterprising in the value –chain addition development.

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Inter-State Africa Youth Skilling for Employment-Generation (ISAYE)

ISAYE is a training and skilling program for the empowerment of vulnerable groups in hard-to-reach areas of Africa. It is aimed at achieving SDG 9 of reduced inequalities, SDG 4 of quality education, and SDG 8 of decent jobs and economic growth. The program is being implemented by UNEDI in partnership with ACOSBE, TPN Training and Recruitment (Pty) Ltd South Africa, with support from the International Policy Center for Sustainable Development (IPC4SD) UK’s Advance Africa for SDGs Program

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UNEDI partners with Mukusu Motors and Properties Ltd to provide low cost Agricultural implements such as Captain Min-tractors and Irrigation tools in the ongoing Build Busoga Project, and other outreach Programmes under VELA Program

UNEDI partners with Euro Afri Link Netherlands and other stakeholders develop the “Country-Led Demand for European Technology and Export/Import Development Assistance (CETEDA)” for high-impact export training and Technology transfer for Africa.

UNEDI partners with KCB bank to on-board and develope high impact investment clubs, savings and cooperative credit societies and agricultural cooperatives that are of consistent quality, durability and sustainability

UNEDI partners with TPN Training and Recruitment (Pty) South Africa to enable Ugandan youth and women get access to South Africa Vocational education and training programs under SETAs, SSETA, ETDPSETA and LGSETA among others

Captain tractors india partners with Mukusu Motors and UNEDI to provide low cost tractors to Rural Farmers in Uganda

IPC4SD is major funding partner of UNEDI to deliver high-impact entrepreneurship development towards people empowerment in the attainment of sustainable Development Goals

Acosbe partners with UNEDI to create jobs for fresh university graduates through partnership with rural house hold farmers and the business community

UNEDI partners with Afro Delegates Foundation to take the entrepreneurship cultural thought system approach to the Model United Nations system debate.

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